Who owns Pineland?
All of the real estate and buildings at Pineland – both the campus and the three farms – are owned by October Corporation.

What is October Corporation?
October Corporation is a nonprofit title-holding company of the Libra Foundation. Libra Foundation is a Maine-based private charitable foundation created by the late Elizabeth B. Noyce. Libra Foundation makes grants to charitable projects in Maine or that benefit Maine causes. For more information about Libra Foundation/October Corporation, please visit the foundation’s website at www.librafoundation.org.

Is Pineland Farms, Inc. separate from October Corporation?
Yes. Pineland Farms, Inc. is a stand-alone nonprofit Maine corporation that staffs and runs all farm and education programs at the farms surrounding the Pineland Campus. Pineland Farms (the tenant) leases the farms from October Corporation (the landlord).

How large is Pineland?
The Campus is about 200 acres and the farms encompass over 5,000 acres.

What town is Pineland in?
Pineland is situated in four towns in Maine: New Gloucester, Gray, Pownal and North Yarmouth. Most of the developed land (the Campus and Valley Farm) is in New Gloucester. Substantial assets are also in Gray (the Equestrian Center at Hill Farm, Wilsondale Farm and Gillespie Farm).

Who should I contact about use of the Equestrian Center for clinics, shows, seminars or meetings?
Please contact the Pineland Farms Equine Manager at TEL: 831-4989.

Who should I contact about leasing space in the campus buildings?
CB Richard Ellis-The Boulos Company of Portland, Maine manages the Pineland Campus property on behalf of October Corporation. View contact information.

Who should I contact about use of the campus Conference Center or banquet facility for my meeting or special function?
Please contact our Event Planners or inquire online.

May I visit the farms or use the hiking/ski trails?
The hiking and cross-country ski trails are open to the public. Hiking is free but skiing and other activities require a pass at the Outdoor Center. All farm visitors must reserve a farm pass online and check in at the Smokehouse.

May I bring my dog to Pineland?
Pineland Farms does not allow dogs on the premises, in an effort to ensure the greatest safety of all visitors to the farm and Pineland Farms animals.

Does October Corporation pay real estate taxes on all 5,000 acres?

Who should I contact about employment opportunities at Pineland Farms?
As opportunities arise, Pineland Farms will post the information on our website and solicit applicants. If you wish to inquire, please see Employment Opportunities for instructions on how to proceed.

Who should I contact about employment opportunities with tenants on the Pineland Campus?
Tenants of the Pineland Campus are listed in the Campus pages of this site. Pineland Farms is not affiliated with the Campus tenants.

Who should I contact if I cannot find the information I need on the website?
Please call the Welcome Center at (207) 688-4539 for additional information.