Farm Visits


Valley Farm & Family Farmyard
9am-4pm daily. Reservation required. Barns are open unless marked as closed.

Equestrian Center & National Museum of the Morgan Horse
Thursday-Saturday 9am-2pm.


2 Hour Farm Pass
Purchase online to reserve a time slot. Grants you access to the Family Farmyard & Valley Farm for a self-guided tour (The Equestrian Center is also included Thursdays-Saturdays). September – October corn maze & pumpkin patch are also included in a 2 hour farm pass. Farm Visitor check-in is at the Smokehouse. Continue past the Market on Farm View Drive and take your first left onto Valley Farm Rd. Follow signs to the Smokehouse right next to the big white silo. Visiting with a group of 10 or more? Please use our group visit sign up form.

$6/Children (3 and above)
FREE/Children (2 and below)
FREE (with pass purchase)/Farm Season Pass Holders



Sold at the Smokehouse or Online Shop. See our event calendar for our program schedule. Purchase of a program includes your farm pass.

$7-8/Family Programs
$7-8/Pre-registration Programs



Our Farm Season Pass grants a family of 4 access to the farm, 50% off family programs throughout the year (excluding events) and 10% off at the Market. All for just $100! Season Pass Holders will still need to register for programs and reserve farm visits online before visiting.

$100/Family of up to 4


Watch our Live Goat Cam!


The Family Farmyard offers an educational and hands on venue to experience farm life here in Maine.

The farmyard is open daily year round with laying hens, goats, sheep, potbellied pigs and peafowl as year round residents and an engaging outdoor play area. Beginning in mid-May and continuing through September, we welcome a wider variety of animals from local farms to our pastures including alpaca, pigs and more. In June, July and August of each summer we offer educator led activities in the farmyard, some of which could include hand milking a Holstein cow, collecting chicken eggs or meeting the sheep. Learn about different farming methods, animal jobs and products, or ask us your farm animal questions! Contact the Education Department at for our Daily Activity Schedule.


The Smokehouse, Education Barn, Sugar House, Chicken Barn, Farm Animals, Gardens, Views of Valley Farm, Equestrian Center.

The Smokehouse

The Smokehouse is your first stop on the farm. The farm visitors center is here where you can check-in, purchase farm passes and receive maps & information for your visit. To get here, follow directions to the Market at 15 Farm View Drive, New Gloucester, Maine. Continue past the Market on Farm View Drive and take your first left on to Valley Farm Road. The Smokehouse is the building with the big white silo on the right hand side.

Open: Year Round

The Education Barn & Chicken Barn

The Education Barn houses our year round farm animals. You’ll meet our cows, goats, mixed breed chickens & sheep.  Our classrooms are also located in this barn. Meet us here to purchase & participate in programs, events and our summer time daily activities. The Chicken Barn is located next to the Education Barn and house our flock of egg laying chickens.

Open: Year Round

Farm Pass Required

Sugar House

Our Sugar House was established in 2020. You’ll find it in production each February & March. When the sap starts running the steam will be billowing out of the Sugar House. We tap over 200 maple trees on the Pineland Farms property, resulting in approximately 50 gallons of Maple Syrup (give or take). Join us for Maine Maple Sunday to celebrate this special treat. You can find our Maine Maple Syrup at the Market.
Open: February-March

Farm Pass Required

Farm Animals

In addition to our year round farm animals, you’ll find our summer farmyard residents. These animals come from other local Maine farms and stay during the summer months to help us educate the public about the different types of farming across the state. These animals can include alpaca, pigs, horses and other breeds of cows.

Visit: Year Round

Farm Pass Required

Farmyard Garden

The Farmyard Garden is located behind the Education Barn on the Valley Farm. This garden space was originally designed as a landscape featuring dozens of varieties of trees, shrubs and plants that provided edible resources for both wildlife and people year after year.  Now in addition you will find multiple raised beds, in ground gardens and a hugelkultur, or hill culture garden as well as an outside green play space. The farmyard gardens support our education programs, and offer a hands on learning opportunity for visitors of all ages. The big willow tree is an early season pollen source for bees and we have multiple medicinal perennials as well as a variety of vegetables, wild Maine berries, and many fruit trees. We welcome you to the Farmyard to visit the farm animals, play in the gardens and discover the native and agricultural plants grown in Maine.

Open: Spring, Summer, Fall

Farm Pass Required

Outside Play

The Farmyard is designed to be a place for kids of all ages to visit & learn about nature and farming. Let your imagination run free in the Fairy Village or take in the sounds, smells and sights of the flora and fauna. The little ones will enjoy the slide, playhouse and seesaws as they meet new friends.

Open: Spring, Summer, Fall

Farm Pass Required

Valley Farm

Across the field from the Farmyard you’ll see views of Valley Farm. This is our working Dairy Farm. Your farm pass includes a self-guided tour of Valley Farm (The Dairy Barn, Heifer Barn & Calf Barn) in addition to the family farmyard. Don’t forget to head on over and meet our Holsteins after exploring the farmyard.

Open: Year Round

Farm Pass Required

valley farm dairy farm pineland farms

Equestrian Center & The National Museum of the Morgan Horse

For the first time, the National Museum of the Morgan Horse shares a home with Morgan horses! Visitors can view the museum and a take a first-hand look at Morgan horses from the collection at Cabot Morgans in the Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms.

Open: Year Round – Thursday – Saturday 9am-2pm

Farm Pass Required

equestrian center

We are always cooking up a fun new experience (or tasty summer treat, cough cough, ice cream) in the farmyard so stay tuned for details as the warmer months approach. Check out our family program schedule for food, garden and animal based programming.

Who: The farmyard is open to explorers of all ages and walks of life. If you are 3, 30, or 93 and have always wondered what it would be like to milk a cow on a balmy summer day, join us!

Where: The Family Farmyard is located behind the Education Barn on the Valley Farm at Pineland. With your farm pass you have access to the farm for 2 hours and imagine this, all of the cow kisses you could dream of!

Why: In an increasingly busy and disconnected world we feel it is more important now than ever to stay connected to the natural world around us. Here at Pineland it is our mission to:

  • educate participants about local natural history and agriculture
  • inspire participants to become active stewards of land and resources
  • connect participants to forests, fields, livestock and land
  • facilitate a meaningful hands-on experience
  • create a positive educational experience emphasizing fun and learning