2023 VAST Donors

Pineland Farms Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supports the VAST Program by providing all that Pineland Farms has to offer at no cost to the Veterans. The VAST program is also primarily funded through an annual competitive grant administered by the Veterans Administration. The VA awards grants to qualifying organizations to plan, develop, manage, and implement programs to provide adaptive sports opportunities for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces as authorized under 38 United States Code 521A.

However, we also rely on both monetary and in-kind donations from commercial entities and private individuals when the above funding is not enough. This generosity provides us with staff funding and much needed flexibility in how we run our program. Their generous contributions have helped to make VAST a better program for all of our Veterans.

During the course of the 12 months of 2023, VAST received donations from a number of very generous donors.  The total amount donated to our program exceeded $32,800.  We would like to publicly acknowledge each of those donors.

Gold Level ($5,000 or more)

James McBride

Avangrid Foundation

Silver Level ($1,000 – $4,999)

Azimuth Check Foundation

Falmouth Lions Club

Limington Variety

Pratt and Whitney Foundation

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

Hope Island

Matthew Shankweiler

Travis Mills Foundation

Bronze Level (up to $999 )

American Legion Auxiliary South Paris

Steve Klimtzak

John Leigh

Maine Pines Friends of Brenda McAleer

Martin Samelson B’NAI B’RITH

Paul Zimmerman

Saco Masonic Lodge

Captain John Lyons

Dan Haiss

Karl Smith

Mainurski Family

Patriot Riders of America

Peggy MacWilliams

Sarah Tilton

David Griffiths