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Mixed Breed Dairy Goats at Pineland Farms

These goats are here at Pineland for two purposes, to teach our guests about goats and the products that can be made from their milk and to keep our pastures under control.

Puck – Born: 3-18-2019 (Brown)
Poppy – Born: 3-5-2019 (Spotted black)
Basil – Born: 3-11-2019 (White spot)
Tansy – Born: 3-30-2019 (Chocolate)

Goat Notes:

  • The light brown goat is an Oberhasli wether.
  • The darker brown goat with small ears is a LaMancha doe.
  • The two smaller goats are Nigerian Dwarf does.

There are seven breeds of Dairy Goats:

  • Alpine
  • LaMancha
  • Nigerian Dward
  • Nubian
  • Oberhasli
  • Saanen
  • Toggenburg

In the event our live feed isn’t streaming feel free to peruse our other videos on the Pineland Farms Youtube Channel.