Activities at Pineland Farms: An All-Inclusive Guide to Fun, Learning, and Celebration!

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At Pineland Farms, a sprawling 5,000-acre campus, a wealth of activities awaits visitors, catering to diverse interests and age groups. From outdoor adventures to educational experiences, shopping, and more, there’s something to captivate every member of the family.

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation

With so much acreage, it only makes sense to offer at least some outdoor activity. At Pineland Farms, we offer several different activities, such as disc golf, hiking, biking, orienteering, bocce ball, tennis, snowshoeing, ice skating, skiing and sledding.

We offer a variety of activities through each season to make being outdoors fun any time of the year. We also offer lessons and rentals for certain activities, and we have some leagues for others, most popularly our disc golf!

For those who prefer to be indoors, we offer a few indoor recreational activities as well, such as bowling and open gym.

Check out our website for more information and specifics on what we offer, as well as pricing.

Veterans Adaptive Sports & Training

In relation to our outdoor recreation offerings, we have a weekly program specifically for Veterans called Veterans Adaptive Sports & Training (VAST). VAST meets every Wednesday morning from 9am-noon and offers a variety of recreational activities, including (but not limited to) target archery, pellet rifle shooting, laser rifle shooting, cycling, fly & spin cast fishing, fly tying, orienteering, disc golf, boccia ball, wheelchair sports, snow shoeing, Nordic pole walking, cross country skiing and bowling.

All programs are free for Veterans, and equipment is provided for each program.

Farm Visits

Our farm visits are the perfect activity for animal lovers! A 2-Hour Farm Pass grants you access to the Family Farmyard and the Valley Farm for a self-guided tour. On Thursdays-Sundays, our state-of-the-art Equestrian Center is included in your farm pass.

We have many animals to meet: Goats, chickens, cows, sheep, ponies & more! Our animals love to meet visitors and get some pats.

In the Family Farmyard, we also have a Sugar House (open seasonally), farmyard garden and outside play (a slide, seesaw and playhouse). On Valley Farm, we have the dairy barn, heifer barn and calf barn, all open for self-guided tours.

The Equestrian Center provides a unique look into the home of our Cabot Morgan horses. We home a plethora of different retired Morgan show horses, and we have a museum displaying their history right in the Equestrian Center.

Educational Workshops

There are many opportunities to learn about different farm procedures, products and more for both children and adults alike at Pineland Farms. We offer a variety of different events year-round, with some events being themed to the season. Some of our events are for children and families, while others are adult-only.

We’ve done cheesemaking, trolley tours, butter making, farmyard story time, farmyard helper, mushroom identification walks, pumpkin carving, wreath making and lots more!

Pick Your Own Produce

At Pineland Farms, we grow a lot of different produce items that we sell in the Market, and we also offer pick your own events for some of our produce! In the summer, we have pick your own strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peas and flowers. In the fall, we make a pumpkin patch from our own grown pumpkins, in which you can choose your own!

Shopping and Dining

Our Market & Welcome Center offers shopping and dining, with lots of good homemade food and products to choose from! We have both a grocery section for those looking to bring home food and a kitchen & deli for those looking to eat at Pineland Farms. There are also many unique Maine-made gifts at the Market.

We occasionally host free beer and wine tastings, which can be found on our events calendar!

Weddings and Occasions

With so much land and beautiful scenery, Pineland Farms is the perfect place to host your wedding or special gathering, and we love to be a part of such special days and events.

We offer a variety of services, including indoor venues, outdoor venues, catering and audio/visual equipment.

Pineland Farms isn’t just a destination; it’s an immersive experience for all ages and interests. Whether reveling in the great outdoors, learning about farm life, indulging in local produce, or celebrating life’s milestones amidst breathtaking landscapes, our offerings aim to create lasting memories. Come join us at Pineland Farms, where every visit is an invitation to explore, learn, and cherish the beauty of nature and community.

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