Natural Tie-Dye: At Home Activity

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Natural tie-dye 

Running out of fun summer activities to fill your time? Try tie-dyeing with natural materials! We used Saint John’s Wort from our herb gardens to try our hand at natural dyeing. The flowers are a beautiful yellow but when crushed and boiled, they give a brilliant pink-red color. 

Check out our photos to see how it turned out! All you need is a natural material of your choice such as onion skin, beets, coffee or turmeric, the options are endless! You will also need a pot to boil water, rubber bands, and a bit of time.

Harvest about 1 cup of your natural materials for every 3 cups of water. Next, bring your water and natural material to a boil, let it simmer for 5-10 minutes, let it cool, submerge your t-shirt that is banded (if you wish to have a tie-dye appearance) and let it sit for over 24 hours. After 24-32 hours, take your t-shirt out and see how it looks! Even if the color is faint, it is still a fun and satisfying process : )  


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