At Home Activity: Piglet Ethnograph

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This week we would like to introduce you to an activity that we do often with our family programs and field trips here on the farm. This activity is designed to get children actively observing the world around them, be it in nature or on the farm. It is called an “ethnograph.” We chose a short and sweet video of our resident piglets for you to watch and then try out the ethnograph for yourself! While watching the video, observe closely what the pigs are doing and see if their mannerisms match up with anything on the ethnograph. This activity can also be done while observing nature in the wild, for example a bird at a bird feeder, a squirrel digging in the backyard or our resident farmyard chickens! Just modify the activities in the ethnograph to fit your observational needs! Have fun!

Download the Piglet Ethnograph to Participate

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