Discover the Delight of “New Gloucester” Cheese at The Market

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April 2024 brings an exciting highlight to The Market at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, as we feature the exquisite “New Gloucester” cheese, a distinguished Gold Medal winner at the American Cheese Society (ACS) Judging and Competition. This month-long feature will not only showcase this Cotswold-style cheese but also offers it at a special spring sale price all month long! Regularly priced at $5.69 each, enjoy the “New Gloucester” cheese at $3.99 each or 2 for $7 all through the month of April! Join us for tastings this month (details coming soon) and take home this celebrated cheese at an exclusive discount, experiencing the pinnacle of cheesemaking that Pineland Farms Dairy Company proudly offers.

Pineland Farms dairy company new gloucester cheese

Promotion Details:

  • Featured Cheese: “New Gloucester,” a Cotswold-style delight
  • Location: The Market at Pineland Farms, 15 Farm View Dr. New Gloucester, Maine
  • Promotion Period: April 2024
  • Special Offer: $3.99 each or 2 for $7 (reg. $5.69) Experience award-winning taste at a promotional price, with tastings available throughout the month to savor the unique flavor profile of this exceptional cheese.
  • Tasting Events: Wine & Cheese Tasting on April 12 & April 26 from 12pm-2pm.


A Culinary Heritage Reborn

“New Gloucester” cheese draws its inspiration from a historic Double Gloucester recipe, a testament to over 200 years of English village culinary tradition. This ACS Gold Medal-winning cheese is a modern take on the Cotswold-style, enriched with a savory blend of onions and garlic, showcasing nearly two decades of cheesemaking expertise at the Pineland Farms Dairy Company. It is named after the original home of the dairy company and the location of our Market, farm, and campus here in New Gloucester, Maine.

Honoring Tradition with Excellence

The 39th annual ACS Judging and Competition, held in 2022, spotlighted Pineland Farms Dairy’s “New Gloucester” cheese as a paragon of artisanal cheesemaking. Amidst 1,387 products and 196 entering companies, this cheese stood out in the open category for Cheeses with Flavor Added, bringing home the Gold Medal and reaffirming the Dairy’s commitment to quality and innovation.

About Pineland Farms Dairy Company, Inc.

Located in Bangor, Maine, Pineland Farms Dairy is a fervent supporter of local, sustainable agriculture. Utilizing 100% fresh Maine milk from family farms, the company crafts specialty cheeses and fluid milk products that resonate with both retail and foodservice industries. Their approach intertwines sustainability with community engagement, underscoring their role as a cornerstone in the American dairy sector.

Pineland Farms Cheese Making Facility

A Taste of Excellence at The Market

As Pineland Farms Dairy continues to navigate a path of recognition and excellence, their focus remains on the core values of sustainability, community engagement, and the celebration of agricultural heritage. The “New Gloucester” cheese embodies this commitment, offering a taste of tradition and craftsmanship. We invite you to join us at The Market this April to discover and delight in the award-winning flavors that define our community.

Where to Find our New Gloucester Cheese?

If you’re not at our flagship market in New Gloucester, Maine you can find information about this cheese as well as their complete product offerings on the Pineland Farms Dairy Company website including how to order wholesale for retail and food service.

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