Excited for summer’s fresh Pineland Farms produce

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Excited for this summer’s fresh Pineland Farms produce. Transitioning from the wintertime into the busy buzz of the springtime hustle is an exciting time, and one full of anticipation here at the Pineland Farms Produce Division. The potential of this year’s harvest lies not only in tons of seeds, freshly plowed earth, and strawberry plants cozily covered in agricultural fabric, but more than anything in the dedicated workers caring for this beautiful land and the crops it will reap.

Every year is an opportunity to grow a better product for our customers and improve upon our field stewardship.  With tools polished and tractors tuned up, the plans created during winter work hours become our daily to-do lists that grow ever longer as the season progresses. We will continue to grow our favorite beans, corn, cucumbers, squash and pumpkins and are trying out some new varieties that we hope will become new favorites.  

Our crew is busy planting seeds into a solar mulch that gives us an early edge on warmer soils and harvesting the most eager of the asparagus spears in the patch mid-May. The strawberry plants are doing their own sort of preparation for a productive season soaking up the sun, rain, and nutrients in the soil to help them push out some lovely blossoms in coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to opening up our farm when the Pick-Your-Own season begins in late June. Until then, as you drive by the farm on Mayall road take note of the steady expansion of planted rows and the workers diligently sowing the seeds for the sweet corn that you’ll appreciate slathering with butter for your summer cookouts. See you in the summertime!  

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