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Welcome to our Self-guided QR Goats Tour.

Here’s a little more information about the goats you’ll meet at Pineland Farms:


Born 3/18/2019
Oberhasli Goat

Puck is dark reddish/brown and has a black stripe down the center of his back. He is the only boy in our goat herd. Puck is very friendly and loves to be near everyone; goat or human. Like Tansy, he loves all treats and is also very fond of chin and neck scratches. If you stop petting him before he’s ready to be done, he will pick up one of his front hooves and gently pat you on the leg until you resume petting him.

Oberhasli are an American breed of dairy goat with gentle dispositions. Puck will grow to be 30-34 inches tall at the withers and 150 lbs.




Born 3/30/2019
LaMancha Goat

Tansy looks different from our other three goats because she appears to not have any ears. This is a characteristic of her breed; all Lamanchas are born with very short or no ears. Tansy is the youngest but biggest goat in our herd. We refer to her as the Herd Queen as she seems to be the boss in the goat pen. We have yet to find a treat that she won’t eat. In the winter, Tansy and Puck love to go outside and run in fresh snow.

She will grow to be about 28 inches at the withers and 130 lbs. The goats here at Pineland Farms serve two purposes, to teach our guests about goats and the products that can be made from their milk and to keep our pastures under control.

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