Pineland Pond Fishing

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Spring Awakening at Pineland Pond

Life Returns to the Pond

Each spring, as the ice melts, life vibrantly returns to Pineland Pond. You’ll encounter a bustling ecosystem of insects, amphibians, crustaceans, and fish perfect for Pineland Pond Fishing. Our Education Department kicks off the Frogs, Fish & Wiggles program, offering families the chance to explore with nets we provide. This hands-on experience lets you learn about the habitat of these critters up close. Whether you’re part of this program or exploring on your own, we advocate for catch and release to keep our pond’s inhabitants safe and thriving. Learn more and join us here.

Maine Fish Hatchery Program

The State of Maine plays a crucial role in sustaining local aquatic life through the Maine fish hatchery program, established in 1895. This program, one of the oldest and most productive in the U.S., aims to maintain robust populations of trout and landlocked salmon. These native species often lack sufficient natural habitats, so the program supplements by stocking about 1.2 million fish annually to support their numbers.

All of the fish begin with an egg, taken each fall, primarily from brood stock held at a number of their facilities. Eggs are subsequently hatched and fish grown to stocking size for various programs.

Stocking Pineland Pond

Every spring, Pineland Pond receives a stock of over three hundred 10-inch Brook Trout from the Dry Mills Hatchery in Gray, Maine. This initiative enables anglers of all skill levels to enjoy one of Maine’s cherished activities. The Dry Mills Hatchery, part of the Maine Wildlife Park, allows visitors to observe and learn about the hatchery operations. Visit the Maine Wildlife Park and check hours and fees here.

Fishing at Pineland Pond

Pineland Pond follows Maine’s fishing laws. A fishing license is required. Visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for detailed rules and licensing information. Review state fishing laws here. Check our stocking report before your visit.

Enjoy Your Visit

We hope you enjoy fishing at Pineland Pond. Bring seating and a lunch, or buy one at our Market. Use our picnic areas freely. Remember, fishing is closed from October 1 to March 31. Specific fishing rules apply during open seasons.

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