Valley Farm – Hay Barn

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On Valley Farm, the Hay Barn is located right next to the Dairy Barn where we milk our cows.

To visit the Hay Barn, a 2 Hour Farm Pass is required. This pass gives you access to the Family Farmyard and Valley Farm for a self guided tour. Check-in is at the Smokehouse (building with the big white silo) where a map will be provided. 207.650.3031.

How much hay do we use?

This barn stores most of the hay that our cows eat all through the year. In addition to grain, silage and minerals, each cow eats about 30lbs of dry hay each day. Our first cut of hay typically happens in the beginning of June. Depending on the season we can get three cuttings off of the same field. On average we make 7,500 square bales and 500 round bales of dry hay each year.

Sawdust and Shavings

We also store White Pine shavings and sawdust in this barn. Both are used as bedding under the cows to help keep them comfortable and clean. We buy our shavings and sawdust from local saw mills. They are delivered by the trailer load and pushed into the barn with a tractor. On average we use 400 yards of bedding a month.

Fun Fact:
Silage is grass or other green fodder compacted and stored in airtight conditions, without first being dried, and used as animal feed in the winter. Often stored in a horizontal “bunk” or wrapped in white plastic “marshmallows”, silage makes up a large portion of a dairy cows diet.

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