Winter Recreation at Pineland Farms

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Winter isn’t always the most motivating time to go outside, but at Pineland Farms, there are several fun activities that’ll make you yearn to be out in the fresh snow.

From cross country skiing to ice skating to sledding, there’s bound to be an activity for all family members to enjoy!

Check our trail conditions daily for the most up-to-date status of our winter activities.

Cross Country Skiing

Pineland Farms has quite a few different cross country skiing trails to enjoy when the snow falls, and they range in various difficulties. There are different packages to choose from to access the trails, from day passes to season passes. The trails are open, after snowfall and conditions permitting, from 8am-5pm daily.

Lessons and rentals are available as well.

To get the most accurate and timely updates, check out our trail conditions page.

Skiing at Pineland Farms

Snow Shoeing

For those who prefer a similar feel to a more traditional hike, snow shoeing is available on our trails after snowfall.

Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to explore winter landscapes while navigating through deep snow. Using specialized footwear that distributes weight and prevents sinking, snowshoeing allows adventurers to trek across snowy terrains that might otherwise be inaccessible. It’s a serene and engaging activity that connects you with nature, providing a peaceful escape and a chance to admire the quiet beauty of winter scenery. Whether for leisurely strolls or more challenging expeditions, snowshoeing offers an opportunity to embrace the winter wonderland in a unique and immersive way.

Pineland offers various trails and rentals!

Snow shoeing at Pineland Farms

Fat Biking

For our bike enthusiasts, snow doesn’t have to ruin the fun! Fat biking is the perfect way to enjoy pedaling with snow on the ground just as much as without it.

Fat bikes are specifically designed to navigate through challenging terrains with their oversized tires. These bikes, with their wider tires and lower tire pressure, provide increased traction and stability, allowing riders to explore areas that might be difficult or impossible to access with traditional bikes.

Bring your own fat bike, or rent one of ours! We have just 6 available to rent, so call ahead to ensure a bike is available: 207.688.6599

Our fat bikes are only allowed on the snow shoe trails.

fat biking in winter


Sledding is a favorite winter activity among many, and brings joy and laughter to both kids and adults alike. A good sledding hill can be hard to find, but Pineland Farms has the perfect one with a beautiful view to enjoy. Bring your own sled, or rent one of ours! The hill is open all winter dawn to dusk, subject to weather and safety conditions.

Sledding is a simple yet delightful way to embrace the winter season, creating cherished memories of fun-filled days spent outdoors with family and friends. We hope to help you create fun and loving memories!

Sledding at Pineland Farms

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another highly-anticipated winter activity, and it provides a fun challenge. Whether on a frozen pond, outdoor rink, or indoor arena, ice skating offers a sense of freedom and fluidity, allowing individuals to feel the thrill of movement while mastering balance and control. It’s a timeless winter pastime that brings joy to beginners and seasoned skaters alike, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment on the ice.

The Pineland Farms ice rink is free to the public and open from sunrise to 9pm, weather and safety conditions permitting. We don’t offer lessons or rentals.

ice skating

Disc Golf

Disc golf is a popular sport played in the warmer months, but we keep our Minuteman course open year-round for those who want to play in any weather.

Winter disc golf is a thrilling twist on the classic game, set against a serene backdrop of snow-covered landscapes. Players navigate through icy fairways, aiming their discs through the cold, dense air toward baskets peeking out from the snowy terrain. The challenge of slippery footing and altered disc flight paths adds a new layer of strategy, all against the tranquil beauty of a winter wonderland.

The Minuteman is open daily from dawn until dusk, with rentals available at the Outdoor Center.

Embrace the winter wonderland at Pineland Farms, where a symphony of snow-covered activities awaits. Whether carving through pristine trails on skis, forging paths in snowshoes, or gliding across icy surfaces, each experience paints a vibrant picture against the serene backdrop of the season. From the exhilaration of fat biking to the timeless joy of sledding and the strategic challenge of winter disc golf, every adventure is an invitation to cherish the magic of winter. Gather your family and friends, create lasting memories, and discover the enchantment of the snowy outdoors at Pineland Farms.

Disc golf at Pineland Farms in winter

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