At Home Activity: Building a Birds Nest

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Materials to build your own birds nest:

  • A sheet of newspaper
  • A small bowl or Tupperware to shape your nest
  • Scotch, duct or masking tape
  • Various natural materials such as
    • Pine needles, straw, grass, leaves, moss, feathers

In the spring and early summertime, birds are hard at work building their nests to lay eggs and raise their young. Here on the farm some common birds species we witness collecting nest material include blue birds, barn swallows, red-winged blackbirds, killdeer and chickadees to name just a few. Different bird species use different materials when building their nests. Barn swallows, for example, use mud to build up their nests. Swallows collect mud in their bills and mix it with grass to form pellets. They then line their nest with softer materials such as grass and feathers. Bluebirds weave together grasses and pine needles to construct their nests. Killdeer scratch shallow depressions in the ground and add pebbles, sticks and shells to the nest after laying their eggs.

In this activity we are going to think like a bird and create our own birds nest using natural materials. Grab your newspaper, small bowl and tape and head out into the great outdoors.

-Find a space outside where you can forage for natural materials such as leaves, grasses, pine needles, animal feathers, or even mud if you want to try your hand at building a swallow nest.

-Next, take your sheet of newspaper, (it can be a whole or half sheet) and shape it around your small bowl. You will be taking the bowl out before taping up the base of your nest.


-Now, take a few pieces of tape and tape around the outside of your newspaper to hold it together. Take out the bowl you were using to shape your nest and set it aside.


-You now have the base of your bird nest.

-Next comes the fun part, collecting natural materials to make your nest warm and cozy.

-Pine Needles, leaves, grass, moss, are all great additions to your birds nest. Once you have made your nest nice and cozy, you can place it in a tree outdoors or bring it inside for some imaginative indoor play.



Thanks for participating!

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