Dive-Bombing Owls

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To all of our winter outdoor enthusiasts,
We have become aware of an aggressive Dive-bombing Owl who inhabits the woods in the Campus Loop Ski Trail area. As a recreational property we value both the safety of our visitors as well as our farm animals and wildlife. With education and appreciation of our natural resource we hope to provide a safe place for both humans and wildlife to live together.

Please be cautious as you enter this area around Campus Loop. Information taken from maine.gov suggests that this is most likely a Barred Owl or a Great Horned Owl as both of these mate and nest earlier than other owls. During this time, January-March, these types can become aggressive as they defend their territory and nest.

Whenever possible stay away from nesting areas until the young are old enough to fly. Especially, during the early morning and evening hours when owls are most active. Owls have been known to strike people.

Owls are silent when they strike, so you will not hear it coming. “If you must walk past a nest, wave your arms slowly overhead to keep the birds at a distance and wear a hat (or helmet) or carry an umbrella.”

For emergencies, please contact the Outdoor Center at 207-688-6599



You can find more information about dive-bombing owls at:


An article about a similar incident in Bangor a few years back can be found here:


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