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january, 2024


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Orienteering is fun and challenging. With roots in Scandinavia, orienteering is an international sport with world-wide participation. It is the sport of navigating in unknown terrain https://orienteeringusa.org/explore/what-is-orienteering/. Using a map and a compass, participants locate a series of checkpoints called controls. The challenge comes in determining the most efficient route around the course by interpreting land features indicated on the map. It is like a treasure hunt on the run. Pineland Farms has the largest orienteering course in Maine, with 2,500 acres currently mapped, and mapping of the remaining acreage in progress. If you are new to orienteering find more information about skills and basic techniques here: https://orienteeringusa.org/resources/training/ . Our courses are open during the warmer months but may close in winter for the ski season, unless there is a lack of snow. Please call the Outdoor Center at 207.688.6599 for availability.


$5/per person

$8/per person (with a tutorial) call ahead for availability.

For group and team building reservations fill out an inquiry form here. For any other questions please call the Outdoor Center at 207.688.6599


Outdoor207.688.6599 25 Campus Dr. New Gloucester, Maine