Highland Cattle: Meet Pineland Farms’ Fuzzy Quintet

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We’ve welcomed three new fuzzy faces to Pineland Farms for the winter: McGinty, Norma and Stanley! These three Highland Cows were former herd mates of our beloved Rona and Dolly, and they’re happy to re-join each other.

Highland cattle thrive on rough forage and in cold, wet climates. Their long coats and great curving horns make them quite the visual out in our pasture. Highlands are most commonly red, like Rona and Dolly. Many other solid colors are also seen, including black, brindle, cream, and dun. Stanley and McGinty are both considered cream, while McGinty’s calf Norma is red.
Located in the pasture by the Smokehouse Visitors Center, these five are really spreading some smiles with their good natured hijinks.
Meet our Highland Cattle! They can be visited on the farm with a 2-Hour Farm Pass.


Highland cattle McGinty






















Highland Cattle Stanley at Pineland Farms











Highland cow Rona at Pineland Farms











Highland cattle dolly at Pineland Farms










Fun Facts About Highland Cattle:

  • Highland Cattle originate from the Highlands of Scotland, which is where their name came from. This region can have a tough climate of cold weather, strong winds and rough terrain, which is why they now thrive in colder weather. Their long coats are part of what helps them survive comfortably in such climates.
  • Highland cattle aren’t only able to live in cold climates, however. They have great adaptability that allows them to thrive in warmer weather as well.
  • Highlands are large cows, but they’re gentle giants. They’re well-known for their calm and gentle temperament, making them a very popular breed.
  • They come in a variety of different colors. However, Highland Cattle were originally primarily black, and Victorians specifically bred red cows because they liked the color, which is why they’re very common today (via Eagle Brae).
  • They’re commonly known as “Highland Cattle” here in the states, but in Scotland, they’re most commonly referred to as “Hairy Coos.”

Our Highland cattle not only embody a rich history but also add a touch of beauty and character to Pineland Farms. Visit the pasture by the Smokehouse Visitors Center to witness these charming personalities in action!

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