Make your own biodegradable planting pot!

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At Home Activity


  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Sheet of newspaper
  • Potting soil
  • A seed of your choice (it can be anything, a flower, a vegetable, an acorn!)
  • Water or water in a spray bottle

-First, grab an empty toilet paper roll you hopefully (fingers crossed) have lying around the house. (Or barter with a friend with an endless supply of TP in their basement…)

– Next, take a strip of newspaper and place your TP roll on top of the strip of newspaper, leaving about 1-2 inches of newspaper sticking out on one end.

-Now roll the newspaper and TP roll together

-Next, tuck in the extra newspaper at the bottom so there is no hole. This will keep the soil in when you fill it.

-Take the toilet paper roll out of your rolled up newspaper and spritz your newspaper with water from the spray bottle, inside and out. This helps the newspaper stick together.

-Now your pot is ready to fill with soil! Fill the pot almost to the top with soil, pack it down a little bit.

-Take 1 seed and place it on top of the soil. Cover the seed with about ½ an inch of soil.

-Give your seed a little spritz of water

-Place your pot in a warm and sunny area. Make sure you water it every day so the soil does not dry out.

-Your seed will be ready to plant outside after it is several inches tall and after the 1st of June. This date is typically safe to plant or transplant most flowers and vegetables, as it is after the last frost date. If you want to learn more about planting and transplanting dates in Maine, this is a great website to check out from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension


-Lastly, because this pot is biodegradable, you can plant the seed and pot directly into the soil : )

Happy planting!

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