Monson, Maine Transformed

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Over the past few years the Town of Monson, Maine has undergone an extensive transformation. The historic downtown has been restored, and the century-old Monson General Store once again offers local products and fresh meals including your favorite Pineland Farms cheeses, meats, and sandwiches. Building upon the region’s significant history with the arts, Monson Arts now offers artist residencies, workshops, and community programming. Together with the local artisans, businesses, and natural attractions that have made Monson a famous destination for many years, the town is now an essential stop on any visit to the Maine Highlands.

Monson General Store
12 Greenville Rd.
Monson, Maine

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Monson Arts
PO Box 67
Monson, ME 04464

For general inquiries, e-mail:
phone: (207) 997-2070


Video by Isaac Crabtree of Northwoods Aerial.

Check out The Quarry Restaurant (Monson’s Fine Dining experience) on The Dish: CBS Saturday Morning:

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