Pineland Farms Dairy Company and the Fryeburg Fair’s Cheese Transformation

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The Pineland Farms Dairy Company and the Fryeburg Fair joined forces in 2022 to transform the milk generated at the fair into a beloved dairy delight: cheese!

Truck picking up dairy product at Pineland Farms

In August 2022, the long-time collector of milk from the Fryeburg Fair, decided to discontinue picking up milk from Maine Fairs. However, with an annual production of 40,000 pounds (equivalent to 5,000 gallons) of milk at the fair, there was a collective desire to avoid wasting this substantial amount.

Pineland Farms Dairy Company stepped in with an innovative solution, giving the surplus milk a new purpose. Attendees at the Fryeburg Fair were offered the opportunity to experience the new product firsthand. Pineland crafted and packaged a special Fryeburg Fair Sharp Cheddar Cheese, aged for one year, which was sampled and made available for purchase. Pineland Farms made 5,700 bars of cheddar, and all proceeds went to Agricultural Education at the Fryeburg Fair after paying the local dairy farmers for milk, a processing fee, and transportation costs.

Pineland Farms Fryeburg Fair cheddar cheese

Dave Richardson, the Superintendent of the Dairy Department at the Fryeburg Fair, expressed, “The last thing anyone wanted was to see this milk go to waste. We recognized the urgency to find a solution. Given our existing relationship with Pineland, we approached them to inquire if they’d be willing to accept the surplus milk to prevent wastage. Jim Lesser, Pineland’s Director of Sales & Marketing, indicated they would discuss it with their board of trustees. Subsequently, they not only agreed to take the milk but also committed to transporting it to Bangor for processing into cheddar cheese!”

This collaboration resulted in a mutually beneficial arrangement, providing financial support to Maine farmers and all involved organizations, while also curbing waste and facilitating a direct farm-to-table journey.

Sampling cheddar cheese at the Fryeburg Fair

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