Fall in New Gloucester, Maine: Time to pick Pumpkins at Pineland Farms Produce Division

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As the leaves turn and autumn descends upon New Gloucester, Maine, it’s time to embrace a cherished fall tradition – pumpkin picking at Pineland Farms Produce Division! From farm to your table, or ready for your carving creations, our pumpkins are a symbol of the season.

Beginning in September, our fields are dotted with vibrant hues of orange as the first pumpkins reach their peak.

Here’s how these autumnal favorites make their journey to a store near you:

Pineland Farms pumpkins in the fields.

  1. Our dedicated farmers carefully handpick each pumpkin, ensuring they are ripe and ready for your enjoyment.

Farmers picking Pineland Farms pumpkins at the Pineland Farms Produce Division in New Gloucester, Maine.

2. These freshly harvested pumpkins are then loaded onto our trucks and transported to the Pineland Farms Produce Division.

Pineland Farms pumpkins sorted and packed at the Pineland Farms Produce Division in New Gloucester, Maine.

3. Upon arrival, they are meticulously sorted by size to cater to all your pumpkin needs.

Pineland Farms pumpkins prepared for delivery trucks around the greater portland area.

4. Finally, they’re packed up one last time and delivered to local markets throughout the Greater Portland area and even unpacked right here at the Pineland Farms Market in New Gloucester, Maine.

Pumpkin delivery at the Pineland Farms Market in New Gloucester, Maine.

From September – October, you can find our Pineland Farms pumpkins at local markets in and around New Gloucester, Maine. Not only do we allow retail sales, but our Produce Division also offers wholesale pricing on pumpkins and a variety of other produce, with pickup and delivery options available based on staffing.

For those who prefer a more hands-on experience, we invite you to pick your own pumpkins with our 2 hour farm pass. This pass includes access to our exciting corn maze and pumpkin patch from late September through October, in addition to our regular self-guided farm tour. Please note that pumpkins are an additional cost. Purchase tickets to visit the farm here. Also, check out our family programs offered every season. During fall, our popular pumpkin carving program is an excellent way for the whole family to get in the fall spirit!

Experience the joy of fall in New Gloucester, Maine, with Pineland Farms Produce Division. Our pumpkins are more than just a symbol of the season; they’re a part of our community tradition. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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