Summer Farmyard Residents

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A 2 hour Farm Pass is needed to access both our Farmyard (Educational Venue) and Valley Farm (Working Dairy Farm) for a self-guided tour and to meet all the farm animals. The farmyard is open daily year-round and is home to our Farmyard Friends like laying hens, goats, sheep, and peafowl. It also has an engaging outdoor play area. Beginning in mid-May and continuing through September, we welcome our Summer Farmyard Residents to our pastures, a wider variety of animals from local farms including alpaca, pigs and more. In June, July and August of each summer we offer educator led hourly activities in the farmyard, some of which could include hand milking a Holstein cow, collecting chicken eggs or meeting the sheep. To learn about different farming methods, animal jobs and products, or ask us your farm animal questions, Contact Education at or 207.650.3031.

Here are some of the Summer Farmyard Residents you’ll meet in 2023 from mid-May-mid-September:

Lady Marmalade

Born 6/25/2021
Lionhead Rabbit

For our long-time farm visitors, doesn’t she look like Milkweed’s soul sister?! Thank you to Jack Rabbits Rabbitry for making her available to us.







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