Summer Farmyard Residents

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A 2 hour Farm Pass is needed to access both our Farmyard (Educational Venue) and Valley Farm (Working Dairy Farm) for a self-guided tour and to meet all the farm animals. The farmyard is open daily year-round and is home to our Farmyard Friends like laying hens, goats, sheep, and peafowl. It also has an engaging outdoor play area. Beginning in mid-May and continuing through September, we welcome our Summer Farmyard Residents to our pastures, a wider variety of animals from local farms including alpaca, pigs and more. In June, July and August of each summer we offer educator led hourly activities in the farmyard, some of which could include meeting our farmyard animals, learning about animal jobs and products, or asking us your farm animal questions. Contact Education at or 207.650.3031.

Solid black alpaca in front of fence on grass with hay at Pineland FarmsBlack Ice

Born 6/11/2007
Huacaya Alpaca from Pilsmire Mountain Fiber Farm

The b-b-b-beautiful alpacas from Pismire Mountain Fiber Farm are back in the Family Farmyard for the summer!

This year we have Black Ice, Blackberry, and Bella all returning to us for another fun time at farm animal summer camp! These ladies are a bit shy but fun to observe out in their pasture as they graze and investigate their home away from home.

Did you know Alpacas communicate with their herdmates through humming when they are feeling happy and content? Purchase a 2 Hour Farm Pass at and come listen to the gentle tunes of our fiber friends.



White alpaca in field at Pineland Farms


Born 10/3/2008
Huacaya Alpaca from Pilsmire Mountain Fiber Farm

We’re excited to welcome Bella back to Pineland Farms this summer!








Gray and black alpaca at Pineland Farms in field in front of white barn with green roof


Born 8/16/2014
Huacaya Alpaca from Pilsmire Mountain Fiber Farm

Blackberry is a gray and black Huacaya Alpaca. Huacaya make up about 90% of the world alpaca population.







Red and black pigs

Wilbur (red)

Born 2-27-2024

Wilbur is a Duroc-Large Black crossbreed hog. Taking more after his duroc mama, he is a beautiful red/auburn color. Durocs are known for their hardiness and fast muscle growth.

Even though slightly bigger than his brother Orville, Wilbur is the more reserved of the two pigs. At feeding time, he lets Orville push him out of their shared feed tub and waits to get the his fill. He is always up for a good belly rub and will position himself right by the edge of the pen waiting for someone to reach in.

Orville (black)

Born 2-27-2024

Orville is a Duroc-Large Black crossbreed hog. Looking mostly like his Large Black sire, he is black from nose to tail to toe. Large Blacks are less common in the United States than other breeds of hogs but are raised more abundantly in Europe where they originated from. They are know for being very docile and do very well living outdoors.

Orville, who is a bit smaller than his brother, has proven to be the more dominant of the two. Often getting his fill of feed first and on the warmer days taking claim to their water trough for a good soak.



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