Three Greenhouses in Full Swing

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There are three greenhouses here at Pineland Farms. Perhaps you’ve noticed one or more of them while visiting the Market, taking a stroll or joining in on one of the many recreational and educational opportunities we offer. But chances are you’ve never gotten a good peek inside.

Each of the three greenhouses has its own unique focus, helping to support and fulfill various needs across the Pineland Farms community and our local community as a whole. Now that Spring is well underway, and our greenhouses are in full swing brimming with new plant life, we thought it was the perfect time to invite you to take a closer look inside.


Produce Division

Over at Produce Division you’ll find this year’s cucumbers and bell peppers are off to a great start while some squash plants are just beginning to grow. There are also a variety of flower seedlings and first year strawberries that will be available for pick your own in the future. We’ll update everyone when the first blooms and berries start to arrive in just a couple months.


Education Department

Another greenhouse is located at the Pineland Farms campus. Here our Education Department starts their veggies and flowers for their sensation and farmyard gardens used in many of our farm education programs in the summer. Our Grounds Department also plants thousands of annual flowers and vegetables used in our 1-acre flower garden and in all the annual displays around campus.


Olivia’s Garden on Valley Farm

Finally, the third greenhouse, is the most identifiable as it’s located right on the Valley Farm. All farm visitors drive by this greenhouse on their way to visit the cows and farm animals. This one is home to our friends at Olivia’s Garden. You may recognize their hydroponic tomatoes, basil, and lettuce sold at the Market and at other local grocery stores.


Regularly scheduled greenhouse tours are not currently offered but if you are interested in getting an even closer look inside our Education & Grounds Department greenhouse you can reach out to Ryan at

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