Conference Center – Room B

Pineland Farms Conference Center - Room BOne of our most elegant rooms, Boardroom B has a gorgeous conference table, matching mahogany wainscoting and 14 velvet armchairs. The room is equipped with a wall-mounted dry erase board and teleconferencing and internet capabilities with wireless options.

Room Capacity Cost*
Room A With tables - 60 people. With chairs only - 100 people $525
Room B 14 people $220
Room C 10 people $175
Room D Theatre style - 25 people (Media Room) $330
Room E 10 people $175
Room F 14 people $220

Pineland Farms Conference Center Map
Pineland Farms Conference Center Map

*Rates are for full-day (9 hours) reservations; Bookings outside regular weekday hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm) require an additional charge based on booking specifics. A discount is available for nonprofits and Pineland tenants. For more information, please contact us. To request a room online, use our reservation inquiry tool.

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