What’s in Bloom June 29, 2018

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In the perennial garden:

Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’ – Happy Returns Daylily

Salvia Nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ – Caradonna Sage

Astrantia Major ‘Buckland’ – Buckland Masterwort

Coreopsis Verticillata ‘Moonbean’ – Moonbeam Threadleaf Coreopsis

Hemerocallis ‘Mary Todd’ – Mary Todd Daylily

Heliopsis Helianthoides – False Sunflower

Platycodon Grandiflora ‘Mariesii’ – Mariesii Balloon Flower

Kniphofia – Poker Flower

A few peonies are still blooming, Irises are in various states of bloom and Astilbe is just beginning show its color.

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