What’s the difference between Classic Cross-Country & Skate Skiing?

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What is Classic Cross-Country Skiing?classic skiing at pineland farms

Classic Cross-Country Skiing is the type of cross-country that most people envision. To classic cross-country ski, the skis will be parallel to one another and the skier will push forward on one ski and glide forward with the other ski. This type is normally skied on parallel tracks, but classic skiing can also be done on groomed trails and back-country with appropriate gear.

When viewing our Trail Conditions, our trails will be listed as open / groomed and/or track. Classic skiers are welcome on both just keep in mind that when the track is marked as closed we only have groomed trails available.

What is Skate Skiing?

Skate skiing is a form of cross-country skiing that has more of an ice skating motion. A skate skier will have their skis in a V-shape and will push off from one ski to another while using their poles to propel forward. You’ll see this form used in athletic racing and performance sports such as the Biathlon, which is a winter sport that combines cross-country and rifle shooting.


Need Lessons? We offer lessons in both classic and skate skiing!

For more information about lessons, day passes, and rentals for Cross-country skiing please see this page.


1 hour – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced lessons are available at the Outdoor Center by appointment only, please call 207-688-6599. Ages start at 6-8 years old to adults. Following times are available each day (weather dependent) 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm.

Lessons include a day pass to ski (rentals not included).

Private Ski Lesson (one person) $50 per person
Semi-Private Ski Lesson (2 people) $40 per person
Group Ski Lesson (3-5 people) $30 per person

The Outdoor Center is located at 25 Campus Dr. New Gloucester, Maine (the former YMCA location).


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