Valley Farm- Calf Barn

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On Valley Farm, the Calf Barn is located right in between the large Milking Barn and the Heifer Barn.

To visit the calf barn, a 2 Hour Farm Pass is required. This pass gives you access to the Family Farmyard and Valley Farm for a self guided tour. Check-in is at the Smokehouse (building with the big white silo) where a map will be provided. 207.650.3031.

Our farmers spend a lot of time looking after our youngest animals and making sure that each calf is given the very best care. The Calf Barn is the warmest barn at Pineland. We keep it heated during the cold winter days for our youngest Holsteins.

• Our calves are moved shortly after birth because as a working dairy farm we need to maximize milk production from our mama cows.

• Each calf gets colostrum in a bottle on their first day to help kick start their immune system. After the first day they are fed milk replacer twice a day. They will also  have access to water and grain.

• Once their digestive system is more developed and they can fully process solid foods, the calves will be weaned from milk. This transition occurs at around two months old and they will eat primarily grain and hay from that point on.

• Calves are moved to larger pens after they are weaned. They spend about 5-8 months in this barn learning how to socialize with others their age before moving to the heifer barn.

Fun Fact:
On average, calves weigh 85-100lbs at birth.

Because this barn houses our youngest Holsteins we do ask visitors to follow calf barn etiquette while visiting these babies.

* Please pet only one calf in the barn to limit the spreading of germs calf to calf.

* Be calm and quiet around the babies, they can be easily startled.

* Please use your walking feet.

* Each calf has its own specific diet so please refrain from feeding them or handling their food.

* For your health and safety, wash your hands before leaving the barn.

* If you have questions, please ask a farmer or a member of the Education staff.

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