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The Heifer Barn is on the left, before the Smokehouse on Valley Farm. 

To visit the heifer barn, a 2-hour farm pass is required. This pass gives you access to the Family Farmyard and Valley Farm for a self-guided tour. You can purchase a pass online or in person. Check-in is at the Smokehouse (building with the big white silo), where we will provide a map. Call 207.650.3031 with any further questions. 


What is a Heifer?

The heifer barn is where our female cows aged eight months to 2 years, who have not yet calved, live. Since they have not had a baby, they do not produce milk or have a fully developed udder. They will have their first calf and join the milking herd when they are two years old. Once they calve, they will no longer be called a heifer and instead be called a cow. A Holstein cow can grow to weigh around 1,500 pounds on average.


Did you Notice an Udder?

If you notice an udder, these cows are called “dry cows.” Occasionally some of the cows in this barn have had calves and completed their lactation cycle in our dairy barn. Our cows are given 45-90 days at the end of their pregnancy to refrain from milk production. During this time, the cow eats, rests, and allows her calf to grow. They will not produce milk again until they have their next calf and start the process all over.


All of our cows are on a special diet catered to each one, and we ask that you please do not transfer feed from anywhere else. 


Fun Fact: 

Cows can see almost 360 degrees in all colors except red!

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